Rick  is teaching his A to Z workshop in Evart Michigan this year (2013) on Monday – Wednesday, July15, 16 and 17, 2013.
There is still room to sign up.  If you are looking to increase your knowledge and skill level on the hammered dulcimer, this is the class for you.  The teaching is done in a chronological order which makes the learning easier to retain and more meaningful.  You will learn, not only, what to do to play better, but why.  Understanding the music theory as it relates to your instrument is critical to becoming  a better player.  Rick is known for his ability to teach this subject in a way that is easy to understand.  He opens the players eyes to seeing and playing the entire instrument with a new confidence that they now know what they are doing.  Sign up now, there is still room for this year.
If you miss the opportunity to take the Evart A to Z workshop, there is one being held in Mt. Dora, Fl from February 11-13, 2013.
You can sign up online for either of these workshops under the ‘Teacher’ tab,  then ‘A to Z Workshop’ or  Click Here.   You can sign up using the US Postal Service by going to ‘Schedule’, Then find the A to Z Workshop you want and click on it and print the page to get the form to mail in.     Click Here MI Click Here, FL

A – Z Workshops