On Thursday night September 20, 2010 I got to be a part of the State of the Arts Live and Uncut televised on HEC-TV.  It was a great kickoff to the American Arts Experience of St. Louis, MO.  There was a great line up of musicians from all styles of music.  Jazz, classical, blues, ragtime, rock-a-billie, stride, and folk were all represented.  I got to be the representative for the folk section.  It was a fun experience to see how a live TV broadcast comes together.  Talk about staying on schedule, everything ran like clockwork.  I have checked the HEC-TV website and as of yet the broadcast is not available.  I have not gotten to see it yet.  I am sure it will be fun to watch after being there for the making.  I will post a notice when it is available.

HEC-TV Live Broadcast