How does it work?

The songs are taught one phrase at a time. After each phrase is taught, you will be taught how to connect it to the part of the song you were previously taught. Some of the songs have embellished versions taught and some do not.  Sheet music is enclosed for those of you who must see it. Each phrase is taught on a separate track so that you can go back to which ever part you need to repeat. The last four tracks are practice tracks with guitar. The guitar is in the right speaker, the dulcimer in the left. Your panning knob (if you have one) can be used to tune out one or the other instrument. The click track (like a metronome) is centered and will remain. These four tracks have various speeds: real slow, sort of slow, almost fast and full speed. The song is played at least three times through on each of these tracks. Click here to download the introduction sheet that is sent with all CDs or downloads.

How do I pay and how much?

There are two ways to receive your Song of the Month CD.

1. You can purchase any number of Song of the Month CDs from the website and choose between: A. download your song and sheet music directly to you computer or ipod,  B. have it mailed by postal mail as a cd and sheet music.  Warning to dial-up users: This is a product for download and will take a long time to transfer to your computer.  It is advised that you use high-speed Internet only for downloading.

2.  The Song of the Month Club is a monthly subscription.  You pick the twelve songs you want to receive by filling out the order form found at this link.  Just check off the 12 you want. They will arrive in a random order as processed by my computer.  The cost is $12.00 per Workshop.  You can also pay monthly by charge card or $144.00 yearly by charge card or check and receive the workshops monthly in the postal mail.  We process and ship subscriptions on the 30th of the month.

What song will I get by postal mail?

You pick 12 songs from the list provided in the order form. Just check off the 12 you want. They will arrive in a random order as processed by my computer.


If for any reason you are not satisfied you may choose to have your money refunded or substitute with another song of your choice.

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