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Snake River Reel Workshop

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Snake River Reel Workshop
Snake River Reel Workshop

Snake River Reel Workshop

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Snake River Reel Workshop CD
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Each CD will teach you how to play one song. The songs are taught one phrase at a time. After each phrase is taught, you will be taught how to connect it to the part of the song you were previously taught. Some of the songs have embellished versions taught and some do not.  Sheet music is enclosed for those of you who must see it. Each phrase is taught on a separate track so that you can go back to which ever part you need to repeat. The last four tracks are practice tracks with guitar. The guitar is in the left speaker, the dulcimer in the right. Your panning knob (if you have one) can be used to tune out one or the other instrument. The click track (like a metronome) is centered and will remain. These four tracks have various speeds: real slow, sort of slow, almost fast and full speed. The song is played at least three times through on each of these tracks.

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