Anatomy of a Dance Tune (Intermediate Level)
Learn how dance tunes are structured to fit different dances.  We will break down a tune and analyze its parts and how they fit into the dance structure. 
Beginning Hammered Dulcimer (Beginner Level)
Teaching the basics.  Introduction into music theory, note layout, and how they relate to each other on the dulcimer.  We will learn to play a tune and how to do simple embellishments.  Also explaining proper stick grip, timing, and rhythm and how these can change a tune. 
Blues on the Hammered Dulcimer (Beginner-Intermediate Level)
Learn a standard blues progression and how to play ad-lib solos to them.  A lighthearted fun class.  We learn to just be creative and have some fun. 
Care and Feeding of your Dulcimer (All Levels)
Learn how to take care of your dulcimer and why.  An  interactive class; questions are welcome.  Is there something you have wanted to know about your dulcimer? Which dulcimer will be the best for your needs?  What should I look for in a dulcimer before I buy one? 
Chord Theory and Substitutions (Intermediate-Advanced Level)
Learn why certain chords are used in a song.  The simple formula to find them.  Learn what chords can be replaced with other chords and how to find these replacement chords.  I will show you a simple way to find these chords on your dulcimer.  Students should know how to play chords. 
Chording and Rhythm Playing on Hammered Dulcimer (Beginner-Intermediate Level)
Learn how to form the chords on a dulcimer.  Learn to know what chords to play and when to play them.  How to find major and minor chords and how they relate to the key being played.  We will learn a tune and how to back it up with chords.  We will also explore the relationship of chords to embellishments. 
Chording Class II (Intermediate-Advanced Level - Best if took my first chording class)
Learn to play a chord in several positions on the dulcimer.  Explore patterns that use the whole instrument and are still easy to remember and use.  Hand patterns that really work and why.  Explore more chord theory. 
Ensemble Playing (Intermediate Level)
We will explore what techniques are needed to play effectively in an ensemble.  How to back up the other players in a way that makes you all look good.  How to set and follow tempo.  How to hear trade offs of leads, signals used on stage(communicating with the others).  Harmonies and playing off of each other.  Vocals, set design, and any other topic about playing out in a band. 
Exploring Fancy Embellishments (All Levels - Lots of playing and brainstorming. A fun class)
We can sample simple embellishments all the way up to more complicated embellishments, utilizing various scales and rhythms.  Rhythms as well as notes form various styles of embellishments.  One embellishment builds on another.  We will learn when, where, and how to use them. 
Fiddle Tunes on Hammered Dulcimer (Adv. Beginners-Intermediate Level)
Learn as many fiddle tunes as we can.  See how most tunes have a recognizable pattern that makes them easy to learn.  Play backup and use embellishments.  Also a look at how some tunes change over time. 
Hammer Technique -Some Basic Rolls and Tips (Beginner-Intermediate Level)
There are many styles of Hammers and many styles of holding them.  Some have proven better than others.  What works, and why.  Some drills to better your hammer control.  Some rolls to better your playing technique. 
How to Survive a Jam Session (Intermediate Level)
Best if student knows the basics of chording.  Learn proper jam etiquette.  How to start playing tunes you’ve never heard before, quickly.  Learn the simple tricks of tune structures and how to recognize them.  What chords to play when.  How to solo or take the lead and when to do so.  We will do some jamming on familiar and not so familiar tunes. 
Learn an Old-Time Tune (Intermediate-Advanced Level)
Learn an Old-Time fiddle tune (June Apple), learn to play the hammered dulcimer in the old-time style.  We will also be learning how to sing and play at the same time. 




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    Hello Rick,

    Please notify me if you ever do a workshop in the eastern Missouri area.

    • August 17, 2018 at 8:54 pm

      Hi Liz, nothing planned yet. Would be interested in getting something set up with your help. My three day A to Z would be perfect. Need about 10 interested people and a place to do it. Contact me if you think we could set something up.

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