Anatomy of a Dance Tune (Intermediate Level)
Beginning Hammered Dulcimer (Beginner Level)
Blues on the Hammered Dulcimer (Beginner-Intermediate Level)
Care and Feeding of your Dulcimer (All Levels)
Chord Theory and Substitutions (Intermediate-Advanced Level)
Chording and Rhythm Playing on Hammered Dulcimer (Beginner-Intermediate Level)
Chording Class II (Intermediate-Advanced Level - Best if took my first chording class)
Ensemble Playing (Intermediate Level)
Exploring Fancy Embellishments (All Levels - Lots of playing and brainstorming. A fun class)
Fiddle Tunes on Hammered Dulcimer (Adv. Beginners-Intermediate Level)
Hammer Technique -Some Basic Rolls and Tips (Beginner-Intermediate Level)
How to Survive a Jam Session (Intermediate Level)
Learn an Old-Time Tune (Intermediate-Advanced Level)




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